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WSU Undergraduate Education SURCA 2020

Undergraduate Presenters: Virtual Presentations

About Virtual Presentations

Student delivering a virtual presentation at SURCAStudents presenting virtually will be evaluated by judges using a scoring rubric just as in-person presenters, and also have the opportunity to talk about their work, virtually, to anyone stopping at the poster. Fill out the SURCA application and become familiar with the resources available on this website.Student delivering a virtual presentation at SURCA

Virtual presenters will still have a poster hanging at the event in Pullman. SURCA committee members will help with hanging your poster for you. During the event, virtual presenters will need to be available via BlackBoard Learn for an interactive discussion with judges and visitors to your poster. Global campus representatives will be available on the day of to help with technical needs.

Please contact the Office of Undergraduate Research ( with any questions that you might have about the virtual presentation process.

Delivering A Virtual Presentation

Note that students presenting virtually need to prepare to deliver their presentation as if they were physically present. This means you should understand the judging rubric and will need to practice your presentation in front of your mentor and other students. Moreover, you will need to prepare multiple presentations suitable for a wide variety of audiences – other students, faculty, and experts in the field. Finally, you will need to prepare a short summary presentation and be prepared to expand it.

Whether you present virtually or in person, the opportunity to share your research, scholarship, or creative activities with judges and the public will be rewarding.