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SURCA 2023 Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement

Information about Judging at SURCA

View Abstracts and Look Up Poster Numbers

Who can judge at SURCA?

We invite the following groups of people, whether internal or external to WSU, to sign up to judge our students projects at SURCA:

  • Faculty and post-docs from a post-secondary educational institution.
  • Anyone with expertise and work experience from industry, government, non-profit organizations, and other entities outside of WSU.
  • Mentors of students who are presenting at SURCA.

Sign Up to Judge

Without the greatly appreciated volunteerism of our judges and the opportunity they provide our students to present their work to an expert, SURCA would not be possible!

How Much Time Will Judging Take?

We are working on the exact details for the event’s timeline. In general, SURCA 2022 will happen over the afternoon of March 28. While there might be slight changes to the following schedule, it still provides a good idea of what your time commitment as a judge will entail.

  • In advance of the event: Please review all abstracts assigned to you. They will be posted to the website in a searchable online abstract listing. You will be notified by email as soon as the listing has been posted and is available to you, but you can expect to have access to presenters’ abstracts a week to several days before SURCA begins.
  • Monday, March 28 (day of SURCA 2022)
    • 2:00-3:45* p.m. You will visit each poster assigned to you at least twice in this time period–once before students are in the room and again when they are by their posters. During this timeframe you will also complete and submit your scoring sheets and written feedback forms for presenters. Here’s how this timeframe breaks down:
      • 2:00-2:45 p.m. You will visit your assigned posters but no students will be in the room.
      • 2:45-3:30 p.m.: The ballroom doors will open promptly at 2:45 and presenters will enter the ballroom and wait by their posters for you; you will re-visit each poster to hear student presentations and ask questions. Please adjust your time carefully so that, within this one hour, you can interact in person with all of your presenters and also complete and turn in the scoring sheets and feedback forms.
      • 3:30-4:45 p.m.: Please note that the public is invited into SURCA during this time, but as a judge, you have priority to talk with your presenters through 3:30 p.m. Thus, please do not be shy about politely but assertively taking charge of the conversation so you can complete any remaining judging on time.
      • 3:45 p.m. All judging ballets must be completed by this time using the RocketJudge app. That is, ballets will automatically close and their contents will be considered “submitted” by the RocketJudge system.
      • *5:00-5:45 p.m.: Please plan to join presenters, their mentors, and the WSU community for the SURCA Awards Ceremony in CUB Auditorium on the main floor.

What if I am located outside the Pullman campus?

We are delighted to have you as a judge! SURCA 2022 will be an in person event and you will need to travel to Pullman to attend. We want do everything we can to make your visit to WSU an enjoyable one and will provide complimentary parking on campus. Please contact for information.

Will I Be Judging Posters in My Own Field?

You select your preference for the categories that you wish to judge. We will assign you posters to judge based on your preference, ensuring that you will be judging posters in your own field.

For Reference: SURCA 2021 Abstracts

Each year close to the date when SURCA is held, we post the most current collection of presenters’ abstracts. To get an idea of the kind of work you will be judging at SURCA, you can explore last year’s SURCA 2021 abstracts through a searchable online interface.

How Judging Works

  • You will be assigned 3-4 presentations to judge. In advance of the event, read about your presenters’ research in an online abstract book. At the event, you will spend about 2.7 hours total (1) attending the oral presentation session–all of the students you are judging will be in a single presentation; then, (2) visiting the presenters again in their individual Zoom rooms where you will be able to ask in-depth questions; and, (3) completing scoring and providing positive written feedback to the students you judged.
  • For each presentation that you have been assigned, you will provide scores and feedback through Rocket Judge software. Rocket Judge will work on either your computer or cellphone. You may also review the judging rubric with a score sheet online. Rocket Judge also allows you to provide your valuable and insightful personal notes and suggestions to presenters directly in the app. Students will not be able to see their individual scores.
  • SURCA staff will be identifiable online and are available to assist you and get answers to your questions.