Award Winners for SURCA 2022

Wide angle group photo of all award winners at SURCA 2019.

SURCA 2022 Award Winners and Their Mentors

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Presentation Category Award Presenter & Project Title Mentor
Applied Sciences Crimson Lauren Forseth, “Multifunctional Hierarchically Porous Materials for the One-pot Fixation of CO2 with Alkenes” Qiang Zhang
Gray Ivy Woltering, “Analyzing Post-Wildfire Regeneration via Satellite Remote Sensing in the Umatilla National Forest” Arjan Meddens
Arts & Design Crimson Ruben Estrada, Ben Fleiss, and Camree Kunze; “Circle Care Pediatric Hospital” Minyoung Cerruti
Gray Ailee Simpson, “Luminaire Level Lighting Controls (LLLC) Program” Shelby Ruiz
Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, and Information Sciences Crimson Dana Pittman, “Implementation of Coefficient of Variation for Fluctuating Mice Ecology When Modeling Zoonoses Using Stochastic Methodologies” Bill Davis
Engineering & Physical Sciences Crimson Eleanor Curtright, “Reflective Ash: Determining Spectral Signatures of Wet and Dry Wildfire Ash” Shelley Pressley
Crimson Christine Lovingier, “PSMA Targeted Turn On Probe for Imaging Cargo Release in Prostate Cancer Cells” Cliff Berkman
Gray Joshua Bilsky, “Statistical Analysis of Brownian Motion Data Published in Jean Perrin’s Book Les Atomes Fred Gittes
Gray Emma Gunter, Jacob Mahon, Reid Parsons, Evan Rodriguez, Calli Shafer, Caden Weiner, and Rachel Willison; “Aircraft Skin Defect Inspection via Drone” Lynne Cooper
Gray Zakora Moore, “Determining Kinetic Parameters for a Mathematical Model to Optimize Growth of Cancer-Fighting T Cells in a Perfusion Bioreactor” Bernard Van Wie
Gray Emma Speight, “Dynamics of Ordering of Conductive Polymer Films Printed under Controlled Airflow” Brian Collins
Novice Erich Whitley, “Bimetallic Catalysts for the Ethanol Oxidation Stage of the CAPER Process” Su Ha
Humanities Crimson Noah Howell, “The Impact of Taoism on Women in China” Lydia Gerber
Molecular, Cellular, & Chemical Biology Crimson Olivia Hayden, “Dredd Protects Against Coxiella burnetii Infection in Drosophila melanogaster Alan Goodman
Crimson Alexandra Malena, “Long Term Effects of Maternal Cannabis Use on Offspring Emotional Reactivity and Anxiety-like Behavior in Rats” Ryan McLaughlin
Crimson Evelyn Rowe, “Insulin-mediated Antiviral Immunity to WNV Using the Drosophila melanogaster Alan Goodman
Gray Stephen Fawcett, “Characterization of Novel Cell Lines for Viral Infection Assays” Michael Letko
Gray Ty Gray and Justine Strickler, “Genetic Drift of the C57BL6/J Mouse Supports a Role of the Cerebellum in Genetic Predilection to Alcohol Use Disorder” David Rossi
Gray Alexandra Puzon, “Characterizing Mechanisms of Indel Mutations Induced by APOBEC3A and APOBEC3B” Steven Roberts
Gray Sean Thompson and Natalie Williams, “Developmental Timing of Rete Ridges in Porcine Skin Offers Insights into Human Skin Formation” Ryan Driskell
Gray Rafael Urrutia-Camargo, “Effects of Lateral Habenula 2-Arachidonylglycerol Manipulation on Dorsal Raphe Nucleus Immediate Early Gene Expression” Ryan Driskell
Organismal, Population, Ecological, & Evolutionary Biology Crimson Randi Richards, “The Distribution and Genetics of Resistance to UV Irradiation in Nitrogen Fixing Soil Bacteria” Stephanie Porter
Crimson Alexander Iritani, “Influence of Egg Size and Egg Metabolism on Survival and Fitness of Chinook Salmon Embryos” Michael Phelps
Social Sciences Crimson Mollee Gray, “The Relationship Between Somatic Markers and Working Memory in Risky Decision Making” Paul Whitney
Crimson Caitlin Ottaway, Matteya Proctor, and Cheyenne Schneider; “Sleep Loss and Risk Taking: An Integrative Review” John Hinson and Courtney Kurinec
Gray Brianna Cabral, “Public Safety Employee Experiences During the COVID-19 Pandemic” David Makin
Gray Bailey Maykovich, “That Girl: The Evolution of Female Archetypes and Their Impact on Young Women’s Mental Health” Erin Tomson
Gray Sierra Sumner, “Trauma Bonding in the Family-of-Origin” Lee Daffin
Novice Jacqui Thomasson, “Ethical Decision Making in Relation to Myocarditis News Headlines” Lisa Waananen Jones
Research Proposal Crimson Kalli Stephens, “Proteomic Analysis of Extracellular Vesicle Content in the Mouse Oviduct during Early Pregnancy” Wipawee Winuthayanon
Gray Maya Nuno, “Sex Differences in the Drinking Behavior of Dependent and Non-Dependent Rodents” Angela Henricks
Gray Olivia Willis, “Exploring the Stereotypes of Scientists in Fourth Through Eighth Grade Students” Cheryl Reed